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Brand Creation

Compressive Beds is a child company of a high quality mattress manufacturer based in the U.S.. The project was to create a brand from the name to the website to the social media personality. Compressive Beds was launched in January of 2019.


I began by gathering all the essential information about the product including unique features and possible demographics to appeal to. Most of this kind of work was done in my sketchbook, and included rough sketches of the logo. After choosing a direction, I was to directed to choose an Avada demo that most represented the brand, and moved forward with creating the first draft mock-ups.

Once the mock-ups were approved, I moved forward with creating the final draft mock-ups with final media, copy, and graphics.

Final Designs

After the full website mock-ups were approved and sent to be built, I revisited the logo to match it with the final branding directions.

When I was exploring the product and its unique features, there was one that stood out to me. The bed is made by injecting latex at different pressures to create a progressive compression attribute. This sparked the idea for “Compressive”. The idea is simple but effective in its concept delivery, using a condensed and bold typeface with a tight background reminiscent of a mattress. I used the colour and similar shape in the rest of the graphics in the website and social media assets.