Draw It Paint Brand Update

Check it out! www.drawitpaint.com


Draw It Paint is a company that sells high quality dry erase paint that comes in various levels and finishes. The previous branding didn’t quite represent the quality of the product, so I was asked to give it an update.


I began by gathering all the essential information about the product and the brand that was needed going forward, and put together a web of descriptors and elements that I felt represented the direction Draw It Paint could go. Most of this was done in my sketchbook, and included rough sketches of the new logo.

After the direction was decided, and before the logo was finalized, I started on the website re-design. Since I wasn’t the one building the website, and it was decided that the build was going to be a WordPress (via Elementor) site, I chose a demo that best suited the new branding and would be easy to alter. I made mockups for each page needed, gathering media for each page (including taking and editing my own to use), and including the new copy.

Final Designs

After the website re-design mockups were approved I revisited the logo to match it with the final branding directions.

The new logo is a similar style typeface from the original, but more bold, clean, and includes Draw It Paint’s main colour. The goal was to improve the logo, but still have it recognizable. I felt like something graphic would help the design, since Draw It Paint’s products are dry erase paint. Paint blobs were out of the question, so adding the orange rectangle with the “Inc” in a hand-drawn typeface was received very well.

Below is the full system with social media logo variations, typefaces used, colours, and an icon set used on the website and print materials.